New Podcast – Is This On? Episode 1

So I have been thinking for some time to do podcast topics that are interesting not just to me, but to you, the listeners, as well.  After months of researching on how to do podcast, listening to various podcasts on how to do podcast, and checking out various software which would eventually help me get off…

Navabrindavanam – A Divine and Serene Place to Visit

As a family, we always try to make one trip to Mantralayam per year to get the blessings of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. This year was no exception. But this year, we had decided to add Nava Brindavanam to our list of places to visit. Why Nava Brindavanam? Nava Brindavanam is the place where the Brindavanams (or…

Judy Malware Found in Play Store and Google Introduces Personal Tab in Search Results

Judy Malware Found in Play Store According to Checkpoint Software, an IT security software company, they have found a malicious adware called “Judy”, which is now known to be an auto-clicking adware. Judy malware was found in 41 apps developed by a Korean company called Kiniwini, in addition to several other apps developed by other developers….

An Awesome Trek Called Gingee Fort (Rajagiri Fort)

I have been wanting to post about my trip to Gingee and my trek to Rajagiri Fort for while but couldn’t find time. So now here it is – An Awesome Trek called Gingee Fort (Rajagiri Fort). It has been a while since I ventured on a trek. Back in my college days, I used to go…

Personalization of Greetings – Google Doodle taking it a New Level

Today morning I woke up as usual and saw something incredible. As soon as I peeked into my mobile, Google was wishing me birthday – with a personalized doodle. I first thought it must be someone’s famous birthday and hence the candle. But when I thought for a second, I realized it was for me….