My Experience with Netgear N150 DGN1000 and Airtel Connection

Please welcome the new additions to my electronic family – Netgear N150 DGN1000 Wireless Modem cum Router.

Components inside Netgear N150

Reason: My old Beetel modem has worn out after serving faithfully all these years. The ideal scenario would be to replace Beetel with another Beetel product since my internet connection is with Airtel (and Beetel is their preferred device), but I wanted to buy a device which do the job of both modem and router. So after some intense research, came across Netgear N150.

Initial searches reveled that it is a good budget modem cum router which is available for less than Rs. 2000. I read some good reviews and one of the reviews I read was here from TechRadar, which basically praised it for being a good modem and a wifi router.

So after looking at some other options, most of which didn’t have the dual characteristics, I decided to go with Netgear. Also, I already own Netgear router which works very well, so I felt comfortable buying this. After ordering and receiving it via Flipkart (always amazed to see their level of packaging the product), I proceeded to install it. Usually my experience with Netgear has been awesome. Simply plug it in, run the software which accompanies it and you are done.

But not this time. Since it was a new device which performed two operations, I knew it will be little tricky (not that I am a n00b with gadgets, and I know my way around networking devices). I proceeded with the software and ran the installation. It was great to see the new UI and they way setup ran – flawless, until the point when it asked for DSL settings.

It had been years since I needed it, so I couldn’t quite remember the username and password. I called the Airtel guys and got the username and password.

I entered the details in the config screen and thought it was done. But no. There was no connection. I tried the settings, checked, rechecked it and also did a Windows reboot, and a router reboot, but to no avail. Then I did some Google search, thanks to my wife’s 3G iPad, that is when my BP started to shoot high.

I was hit with the keywords like “problems with device, wifi not working, wifi drops, connection is not working, waste of money, etc”. I suddenly though to myself “Did I buy a device that doesn’t work?” I also looked into blogs who had experience with this device. Some where horrible and some were okay. Some had problems which meant replacing the device itself (which is a nightmare on it own!)

I also found some sites where people had undergone the same problem as me and written on how to set it up. So, after calming myself down (because there is no way I can now replace this and go for a new device), decided to crack this problem wide open – and thankfully I didn’t have to struggle too hard. One of the default settings under “ADSL Settings” needed to be changed and once I did that, everything started working fine.

So, if you ever find yourself in this kind of problem – just a take deep breath and check the following:

1. Have the correct username and password for your DSL settings (check with your DSL provider, if you don’t have it)

2. Simply follow the setups provided here and see if everything is working. It should. If it doesn’t call Netgear Support (Support center no: 1800 102 4327) and talk to them (it might take a while to connect, so until then keeping relaxing by saying “OM” a few times!)

3. If steps one and two fail, replace the device with a new and get on with it. Life is too short for grudges.

I am still in early stages, so don’t know how it is going to work out. But will post an update in 3 months to share my experience with this modem. So till then keeping my fingers crossed. I will later on post a detail step-by-step installation for this device.

If you have any similar experience with your networking devices, do share it in the comments.

3 Replies to “My Experience with Netgear N150 DGN1000 and Airtel Connection”

  1. Your blog was jus ozm ….. It was really helpful … And I would like to know how did the router go then cez I’m planing to buy one

    1. Hey sorry I saw your message quite late. My recommendation is you can get a better router than the one I have. I am facing a lot of issues like wifi connection keeps dropping. Plus I have my router inside my room. If I go to hall, the connection drops drastically. So you might have to buy an wifi extender. So go for Beetel or DLink router which is cheaper and gets the work done.

  2. Hi. I have read a lot of negative reviews regarding the Netgear N150 DGN1000 router. How has your experience been. I am planning to buy the same model, shall I go for it or plan out something else?

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