Judy Malware Found in Play Store and Google Introduces Personal Tab in Search Results


Judy Malware Found in Play Store

According to Checkpoint Software, an IT security software company, they have found a malicious adware called “Judy”, which is now known to be an auto-clicking adware. Judy malware was found in 41 apps developed by a Korean company called Kiniwini, in addition to several other apps developed by other developers.

It is believed that this malware code spread as a result of code being borrowed ‘knowingly or unknowingly’ by various developers. The various apps that contained this malware are estimated to have more than 30 million downloads (in total) and some of the apps were only recently as early as April 2016.


Some of the users also commented on the app’s suspicious behavior.


In fact, if not for Checkpoint Software find, they could continue to exist for many more years. But once this was pointed out by Checkpoint, Google promptly removed the apps from its store.

It is also unclear how such a malicious adware was present in the Google Play Store for years. So the lesson here is you need to ensure that you cannot just simply download from Google Play Store.

You need to be vigil about the kind of app you download and see if there is an actual need for it. You can find more about Judy malware here.

Google Introduces Personal tab

Google is known for its experimentation with its search engine features. Once such possible experimentation is Google’s Personal tab now available in desktop and mobile searches. This was first spotted by Search Engine Roundtable.

The personal tab provides you with results from your Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive etc for the keyword you are searching for. For example, if you search for the keyword Chennai, under Personal tab, you will see a bunch of results for the keyword Chennai from your Gmail, Google Drive, etc. These results are private which means only you can see those results.

So far, Google has not made any announcements about this option. But as far as I remember, Google has been providing personalized searches in Gmail for a very long time. Now with this option being available you can find the information you are looking for a bit more easier and prevents you accessing different apps to search for a specific document or email thread.


I checked for my account and it seems enabled. I also read that it is not available for many users yet. I think this a cool feature and one that would really help make the search friendlier and easier option for all. Share your comments below.

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