New Podcast – Is This On? Episode 1


So I have been thinking for some time to do podcast topics that are interesting not just to me, but to you, the listeners, as well. 

After months of researching on how to do podcast, listening to various podcasts on how to do podcast, and checking out various software which would eventually help me get off the ground, I finally landed on Easiest Way to Make a Podcast

As I was browsing on how to do a podcast, (and there are thousands of way to do it), I found website. This is an online service which offers content creators to make podcasts free of cost with no limitation. In addition, they also allow you to monetize your podcast and help with the distribution of your podcast to other services such as Spotify, Sticher, Apple Podcasts, and so on. 

If your podcast meets certain requirements, then your podcast gets added to their podcast directory,  thus giving you a better reach for your podcast. 

They also have Android and Apple apps and recording a podcast is very easy. Just download the software, create a username and login to the app. Then start recording. 

Episode 1: Is This On?

With such ease of access, I really didn’t have a barrier anymore to make a podcast. The only barrier was still what to talk about? Finally, I landed on three topics which are my favorite – Technology, Science, and Politics. So decided on those three topics and started working on a script.

From what I read, a podcast goes smoothly if you have a working script. You need not specifically follow the script to the dot but really helps you keep track of what you say and what you do. 

The second hardest part of doing this podcast was coming with a name for the podcast, which is not just random but also should pique the interest of the listener. After thinking about a lot of names, I finally came up with “Is This On?”.

With name in place, the software in place, the script in place, I have recorded and posted my first episode of my podcast. I am planning to do this at least once a week depending on trending topics. 

The duration of my podcast will be somewhere between 15-30 minutes so hopefully won’t bore you too much. 

The first episode is around 25 minutes. Do listen to it and let me know what you think. If you like what I did, drop me a comment below. If you like to participate in my podcast, drop me a comment below. If you have any suggestion, you guessed it, drop me a comment below. 

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