My Short Films

Here is a compilation of two short movies which I acted on. I am posting it here for your enjoyment. If you like what you see and is interested in contacting me for any of your projects, feel free to buzz me through Facebook or Twitter. I will be happy to help you out.

First Short Movie/Film: Saturday Night Fever

Genre: Action/Drama

Actors: Lakshman, Myself, Vidyasankar, KaliCharan, and Shyam

Plot: Two robbers down on their luck try to make some quick buck, without realizing that they are being setup by forces beyond their control.


Second Short Movie/Film: With Luv

Genre: Family Drama

Actors: Lakshman, Myself, Vidyasankar, KC, Tina, Soumya, and Shyam.

Plot: An Indian Hindu boy has fallen for a Muslim girl, while studying in the U.S. Between his orthodox parents – a pious father and mother and a flirtatious younger brother, he has to convince his family that he has made the right decision.


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