Things to do to Stay Fit, Healthy and Have Fun in Chennai Monsoon

Monsoon, especially Chennai Monsoon is one of those magical and super fun days when you are growing up. Schools generally are declared holidays, electricity usually gets cut or is available on and off, so no need to do homework. However, after you grow up, this becomes one of the worst times – especially if you are stuck at home and cannot do a thing. It is also the time when you can get sick quite easily, quite quickly. Why? Because rain even though it helps life in general (filling out dried lakes and catchments), it reduces the immune system in our body.

But you can avoid getting sick and bored by doing a few simple things. Here is my list and if you know of any other ways to stay fit and have fun, drop it in the comments section.

1. Drink lots of fluid – Especially warm water

Water is the source of life. But during monsoon, the water could get contaminated. So to avoid drinking such water, make sure you drink warm water. If you have to venture out in the rains, make sure you carry a bottle of warm water. In addition, keep drinking lots of fluids, you can take fruit juices like Apple, Pomegranates, Pears, etc. Don’t go for the container juices, go for the natural ones.

2. Exercise – As much as you can

One of the most important thing is this. You need to keep your mind and body sharp. Exercises help you do that. It freshens you up, keeps you focused and keeps lethargy and laziness at bay. If it raining outside, try some simple exercises like push ups, squats, etc to get you heart pumping. Keep doing it in the usual time you do. If you haven’t practiced it, start now. There is nothing like the present time.

3. Play Indoor Games

A thunderstorm is a perfect time to reconnect with your family members (I’m assuming like most that you don’t spend time with your loved ones too much). Keep those cellphones/smartphones out of reach. Play games like Ludo, Carrom, etc. I know this sounds childish, but team sport help build relationships and also helps mend them. Antakshari, a spoken parlor game is another good game to keep everyone engaged.

4. Movie Marathon

If you like watching movies and your family also does (like who doesn’t right!), then do Movie Marathon. But make sure you give sufficient breaks in-between for food and other breaks as and when required. Watch movies that not only interest you, but also interest your family members. That way, you all can have a good time.

5. Story Telling

Kids can easily get bored these days. If they feel that they are bored, tell them stories. Our Indian culture has a rich set of tales with good morales. You can use this time to tell them stories. If you are creative, modify the story with a hint of modernism and tell the story. Kids will love it.

6. Long Pending Work

Heavy thundershowers is a perfect way to get back to the things that you wanted to complete but hasn’t yet got it. Your wife might have been patiently (or impatiently) trying to tell you that you need to complete it. So get it to it. Finish and earn some brownie points with your wife for the next time.

7. Create a Hobby/Restart a Hobby

You might love doing painting, or drawing or taking photographs. You would have bought an expensive DSLR camera despite your wife’s objection stating that you will learn photography. Now is the best time to do that. If you like writing, start a blog or better yet start a diary (but make sure you keep it stashed away from prying eyes). Restart your hobby (whatever that is) or create a new hobby (sleeping doesn’t count!).

8. The Inner Cook

While your wife/mother is there to prepare delicious food, nothing beats you cooking for your family. It brings a kind of joy and peace that you would not have experienced before. I know that some men would say, I don’t know cooking or it is not my ‘portfolio’, but trust me cooking is quite easy to do and you can involve the little ones too. It would be a memorable event for your family as a whole. Plus – remember – brownie points 😉

So this is my list, things that you can do to stay fit and healthy and have fun during monsoon season. I know this post is a bit late, but hey better late than never, right? If you have any more ideas or suggestions, drop it in the comments section.

Also, if you are marooned in your apartment due to flood with no help, forget what I said before, and focus on getting you and your family safe.

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