Personalization of Greetings – Google Doodle taking it a New Level

Google Doodle in my phone

Today morning I woke up as usual and saw something incredible. As soon as I peeked into my mobile, Google was wishing me birthday – with a personalized doodle. I first thought it must be someone’s famous birthday and hence the candle. But when I thought for a second, I realized it was for me. Google wishing me with a personalized doodle is for me the highest form of flattery. You can see the screenshot below.

Google Homepage – Happy Birthday to me!
Google Doodle in my phone
Google Doodle in my phone

I am using Motorola X (2014) with stock android. I am not sure if others are also experiencing similar things. I will have to check and update later. 

Google Doodle is the customization of Google logo “to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.” Now we all have seen doodles being done for famous people like the recent Charles Macintosh, Paco de Lucia, Walter Cronkite, etc. To think that a personalized doodle for me (albeit it is visible only for me) is a bit flattering.

Thank you Google! you made my day 🙂

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