RidleyRun16 – My First Marathon Run!

With the beginning of this year, I wanted to do a marathon run – specifically the Wipro Chennai Marathon run which is usually conducted at the end of each year. Last year I started but then dropped it. Usual laziness and procrastination defeated me to do this run.

But this year, I am very much decided that I will make that run. As a first step, I successfully started and completed my first marathon run on 21st Feb. This marathon event was called RidleyRun 2016. There a specific type of a turtle called Olive Ridley which is usually found in warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. They nest usually on the beaches in Odisha, Coromandel and in Sri Lanka. Interestingly, the females are very particular about where they lay eggs. They will come back to the same shore where they lay the eggs the first time. This marathon was to create an awareness among us.

My Preparation

When I decided to do the marathon, I was making sure that I will practice well before I do this. To this effect, I and my friend (who wanted to jog early morning for a long time) teamed up. We started jogging every day from 5.45 am till 6.45 am at Marina beach. It was simply superb experience!

But as things started going well, I had to travel for few days and I knew this break would end my early morning jog routine. But I was determined to do it. I also had a chance to talk to one of my friend who has done several marathon runs and was getting tips from him.

Once he asked me to run with him before we play cricket. I did that run with him and found it quite easy. I did 2km at 15 minutes. At the end of the run, he saw me and said why are you not running for 10k! It was a good confidence boost. He also gave me some tips. He told me before the run, take a banana or two, don’t drink too many liquids, go to bed early, and just relax and fun.

The Run!

One mistake on the day before was I slept late. But I did get up and reached there well early. I was simply amazed at the number of people already there and raring to go.

Runners of all age and size who had arrived were very excited. A company called Zumba, partner of this event, was performing new kind of exercise routines and people were all pumped up. However, I was a bit anxious as this being my first run.


At 6.05 am, they flagged off first the 5km run, then followed by 3km and then finally 1km run. I started running a bit faster and soon found my rhythm. I was going at steady pace. I saw many just sprinting past me. It was a great feeling to run with so many people. There were kids who had planned to run 5km! It was just great. As soon as I completed 3km run, I was feeling thirsty. They had kept water tables at each checkpoint and drums to encourage people to run 🙂

As I completed the 2.5km point, I decided I am going to run the entire distance. I previously planned to walk to the remaining distance as I didn’t practice well. I just didn’t feel tired and was feeling upbeat. By the time I finished, I checked my running app and it showed me that I completed it in 41.06 minutes. A new personal best for me 🙂 YaY!

The feeling you get when you finish something is just awesome! This has actually pushed me to do more. I have started preparing for 10K. My next blog post would be one after I complete it 🙂

Wish me luck!


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