Hello world! I am back .. again!

This will mark the fourth re-birth of Karthiverse… my blog. A little history lesson so that you understand what I mean.

First Avatar!

First time I launched this blog was way back in 2007. I just got introduced to WordPress blogging platform and I decided to create my own space in the net and use WP for my blog. Then disaster struck. My website was hacked because of a loophole on the way MySQL was handled by my then webhost.

Second Avatar!

Then I had to launch the second time and it went fine for sometime. This time I had moved from the first webhost guy to another provider. It was good. I started to write. Things were good. But then I switched jobs and my blogging too a hit due to my work load. Stopped blogging for a while. Plus, the money I was spending on my webhost for my blog, was expensive. So then decided to stop once and for all, although I was not completely happy with my own decision.

Third Avatar!

After a while, when things got better,  I did consider running my blog under WordPress.com website. But I liked to blog under my own space. So decided to get back to blogging for the third time and things again got better and better. Like history repeating itself, my workload increased due to a recent shift in the job front, and my blogging took another hit. This time I even forgot to renew my webhost which led to my data being deleted, permanently.

Hopefully, (Final) Fourth Avatar!

I could not retrieve any date from my old webhost provider. Finally, after a lot of searching and a little help from my brother, I was able to find another webhost provider who is lighter on the purse. So now I am launching for the fourth time! So hopefully, this time, there will be no interruptions, no pauses but continuous blogging from me.

If you have read this far, I appreciate your patience and thank you for your viewership. Do drop in your comments (if any!). Love to hear from you (the readers) on my writing, my views, etc.

And today being Vinyakar Chathurthi, I think this time it is going to be fantastic. Expect a post on this topic soon.


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