My 30 Day Challenge – Inspired by TED

Recently I have made a habit of watching TED videos on a weekly basis. I saw a video by Matt Cutts where he talked about taking up 30 day challenge. The primary reason he pointed out was to enrich his life – to move away from a boring life to an adventurous life. He talks about how this challenge changed his life. He talked about each day becoming more memorable and he grew more confident of himself. As a result, he also saw himself climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in due course of time and riding in bicycle to office.

He also took up another challenge to write a short novel (50,000 words) in 30 days. He talked about how interesting the journey was and how much he learned from it. He feels that small sustainable changes create a permanent impact on our lives, instead of big challenges which normally doesn’t.

After hearing this inspiring speech, I thought that I too should do something about it. So starting from September, I am going to take up the 30 day challenge. I will list my things I would like to do for the next 30 days and keep track of it through my blog. If you are interested and want to join me, feel free and drop me a message in comment section. There is nothing more fun and exciting to do this with friends.

So after much careful consideration, here are my first 30 day challenge items:

  1. Swim daily for 30 minutes
  2. Take a pic and post them daily in my blog/FB/Twitter
  3. Go to bed by 11.00 p.m.

I will be creating a Google spreadsheet and make it public which will track my progress. In the end, I will post my experiences of this 30 day challenge.

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