WordPress 4.0 – Benny is here!

WordPress has launched 4.0 nicknamed ‘Benny’ on Sept 4th, 2014. I checked out the video they have launched and seems that the user experience has been greatly enhanced. It is going to be more awesome to use WordPress going forward. I am going to update it today and might post a video/audio/text review this weekend….

My Experience with Netgear N150 DGN1000 and Airtel Connection

Please welcome the new additions to my electronic family – Netgear N150 DGN1000 Wireless Modem cum Router. Reason: My old Beetel modem has worn out after serving faithfully all these years. The ideal scenario would be to replace Beetel with another Beetel product since my internet connection is with Airtel (and Beetel is their preferred…