Wishing Everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and prosperous New Year! I also want to thank everyone who assisted me through some of the tough times I went through in past year. I hope, going forward, to be a better son, brother, husband, uncle, and friend in 2014. (Image courtesy: Google)

How to bake a Cake – My tryst with baking

I was laughed at by my family when I declared that I am going to bake a cake with a cake mix I had bought from the supermarket. My Mom’s reaction was “Well, this will go into the kitchen shelf and after a year or so, I would have to throw it out since it…

Repost: The Bankster – Audio Review

Backed by popular demand, I am reposting my old blog post on the book review I did a couple of months back – The Bankster. Do let me know your comments on the book below.

My Experience with Netgear N150 DGN1000 and Airtel Connection

Please welcome the new additions to my electronic family – Netgear N150 DGN1000 Wireless Modem cum Router. Reason: My old Beetel modem has worn out after serving faithfully all these years. The ideal scenario would be to replace Beetel with another Beetel product since my internet connection is with Airtel (and Beetel is their preferred…